All Eyes on THE ROAD!

My friends in the US, please mark your calendars for May 11th!   Following a red-carpet premiere at the Arclight Hollywood, major US cinemas nationwide will open their doors to Yam Laranas’  THE ROAD, a psychological thriller with stunning cinematography and beautiful soundscaping parallel to an art form…. [youtube=] To find the theaters nearest you, please click … Keep reading

EyeBALlin’ BALer

Baler, Aurora- From smooth highways to rocky roads, bumps and dips to dangerous curves composed what was a wild, 6-hour drive from Manila. Our crew left a city off to sleep past midnight and arrived around eight the same morning to this serene scenery of loud and ceaseless, but meditative waves… A bit overcast but … Keep reading

Blast From the Past & Seeing Through the Eyes of the Future….

Ahhhhh, to be a student once more….. We were so full of hope and big dreams.  Sometimes I feel the need to go back in time to feel that excitement and “youthful” energy… Gak! Okay maybe not that far back. Well, since we’re discussing that era anyways, one of my best friends, Irene, had the … Keep reading