Global Glare: A View from the FINNISH Line

I am ecstatic to present the first of my Global Glare series!  Me and my team of globe-trotting correspondents, loved ones and friends over the seas and beyond will be sharing with you some shopping eye-pops, design tidbits or fashion visuals from all over the world! This initial entry is a collaboration with dearest friend, … Keep reading

Wedding Watch: A Bold & Beautiful Bride

In my last entry, I mentioned that incorporating chains to the bridal ensemble is an edgy move and a look I’ve been loving for quite some time now.  Although non-conforming, chains don’t necessarily mean severe and cutting-edge.  You can still rock the feminine.  For most of the chain pieces, accessories designer, Tessa de Guzman, and … Keep reading

Wedding Watch: Bridal Without a Cause

This ultra-modern chapel overlooks the Hamilo Coast and the Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, a perfect setting for a modern and destination wedding. This chapel is beautifully encased in glass.  Look at how the glass paneling somewhat transforms my behind-the-seen shot below with a winter wonderland feel, the reflection like snow on top … Keep reading

Wedding Watch: DIY Repurposed Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Because of my job, I am rather well stocked with beads, bits and baubles and what have you.  So whenever I am out sourcing for materials for a project, I still want to get my hands on whatever bits and pieces that catches my eye. 😉 These floral wires have been sitting in my studio … Keep reading

Wedding Watch: The Rules of Engagement

The setup…. Follow the brick road. Branches and thorns seem to be guarding an enchanted area…. Hmmmmm, a private garden? The doors are closed. But not anymore. All the way in the back you will find this secret garden. Since June is wedding month, could this poetic setting perhaps serve as inspiration for a marriage … Keep reading