Always on a Mission for Vision

A professional in any field must constantly evolve in order to keep up with new trends, technology, techniques, design, etc. Not only is it about maintaining a competitive edge but also about increasing and improving one’s work productivity among other aspects. If I can’t find what I’m looking for in the market for my fashion … Keep reading

Yellow… Is it Me You’re Looking For?

Yellow seems to find me. Following a rainy Thursday, the sun flooded my living room with yellow…. And as I was getting my nails done at my favorite nail salon, Belle & Cat, the color yellow was just screaming for my attention…. It kept saying “Hellooooo!”… Or rather, it kept saying “Yellowwwww!”. Even dear friend, Fides, … Keep reading

Honey, I’ve Got My Eye on You

Summer is here! Can’t wait to hit the beach….again! But before the R & R is W & W… Work & Work!  😉  Beach shoots are always one of the most difficult. Besides the heat and the blazing sun, the temptation of wanting to space out and allow your mind to drift off along with … Keep reading

Snow White & the Apple of My Eye

Lately, I’ve been into “Once Upon a Time”, a tv series showing on Star World. To sum it up really quick, it’s about a woman who is drawn to a town called Story Brook.  She meets people who were these actual fairy tale characters in another world. You see how their behavior today reflects the … Keep reading

Palawan’s Underground Seen!

It is NO WONDER that visiting one of the NEW 7 WONDERS OF THE NATURAL WORLD, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, is now more challenging. Ever since this underground river made it to the prestigious list late last year, (in addition to being one of the natural World Heritage sights since 1999) little … Keep reading

Eye-Popping Shopping Palawan-Style!

Any weekend of wellness should include a really, REALLY good therapy session….. Retail therapy. At the other end of the island in Sabang, Palawan were quaint boutiques catering to our special need…. To shop!  This particular one was called Passengers Only Shop.  A catchy name, don’t you think? I hope one day to have my … Keep reading

Eyeing Sabang Simplicity

Don’t you wish you can live the simple life? It’s all about scaling down and getting the most out of life by doing what you love and spending time with the people you love.  The simpler things are, the more you can also appreciate what nature has to offer.  I look forward to the day … Keep reading

Eye Spy: Kevyn Lettau Remix feat. Tippi Ocampo

Last Sunday, international jazz chanteuse, Kevyn Lettau performed at the International Jazz Gala, the finale to the Philippine Jazz Festival 2012. This brilliant beauty who calls the Philippines her “home” was honored with an award in recognition and appreciation for all her efforts in the Philippine jazz scene. To receive such an award, it was … Keep reading

Kevyn Lettau: More Than Meets the Eye

One of my dearest friends, Kevyn Lettau, is in town for the Philippine Jazz Festival 2012.  As a fashion stylist, I put together fun outfits for all her shows. An amazing, world-renowned musician, she is best known in the Philippines for the hit song “Sunlight”. Some refer her music as “latin jazz”(?), although I can’t … Keep reading

Looking to the Past

My latest fashion editorial shoot for High Life Magazine.  This issue just came out and sharing some behind-the-scene images- Our doll-faced model, Olivia, with her thinking (Bonne) cap on.  Speaking of dolls…. Rings by Kathy Webb! Check out the doll head ring! Creepy…cute…cool! Looking to the past for fashion inspiration and channeling a vintage mood… … Keep reading