All Hallows’ Evening On The Road

DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU, but Halloween is creeping in… Set up an even scarier Halloween weekend by watching a horror flick or two. Check out these sites for the latest compilations… 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Top 10 Asian Horror Movies Both lists include The Road by Yam Laranas. A few disturbing images that were … Keep reading

Looks and Smells Like Teen Spirit

How fun was this shoot? The idea was to create KPop, JPop, Harajuku Girl-inspired outfits using existing school uniforms. The challenge here was that some of these uniforms were to be returned to their rightful owners so most of them I couldn’t alter or change their silhouettes. Prepping at my work studio and getting inspiration… So, … Keep reading

Catch Sight of Some Billow Talk

When you do some billow talking, expect fun and flirty to do the walking…. Wha’?!?!? “Billow” was the word used immensely for the latest TV commercial shoot we did…. Hair and makeup artist, Tor Torre, enhancing Julia’s natural beauty…. The challenge was to create dresses or outfits with skirts that billow in the wind. Hopefully … Keep reading

Global Glare: What Happens in Vegas….

…. Doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas. News of Patricia Fields hosting  the Las Vegas unit of “Fashion’s Night Out 2012” got out quicker than a lightning bolt and I am more than happy to share insights about the event and my adoration for one of my favorite fashion personalities. (Photos by Anna Sales) Read more about … Keep reading

All Eyes on THE ROAD!

My friends in the US, please mark your calendars for May 11th!   Following a red-carpet premiere at the Arclight Hollywood, major US cinemas nationwide will open their doors to Yam Laranas’  THE ROAD, a psychological thriller with stunning cinematography and beautiful soundscaping parallel to an art form…. [youtube=] To find the theaters nearest you, please click … Keep reading

Snow White & the Apple of My Eye

Lately, I’ve been into “Once Upon a Time”, a tv series showing on Star World. To sum it up really quick, it’s about a woman who is drawn to a town called Story Brook.  She meets people who were these actual fairy tale characters in another world. You see how their behavior today reflects the … Keep reading