Behold Baler

Wow Baler! It’s been several years since I last saw you and you’re still as magnificent as ever! Baler, known as one of the Philippines’ top surfing destination… I see Baler for their fabulous food (notably their peanut butter dishes and pako/fern salads), incredible landscapes and purple sunsets… Such wonderful memories during my previous adventure with talented … Keep reading

Set Your Sights on Paradise (El Nido, Palawan)

Work takes me on yet another adventure! Staying focused has never been more difficult if your location is the world-famous El Nido, Palawan. We were surrounded by greens and blues, colors scientifically known to relax the eye. Part of the challenge was to snap out of it. Set your sights on a few of our locations, Miniloc Island … Keep reading

Global Glare: Icelandic Delights & Shopping Sights

Especially for someone who works in the fashion industry, when traveling, touring the shopping “sights” are just as important as the country’s national sites. An array of wonderful store fronts and window displays and some in-store visuals mostly in Laugavegur, a main shopping street in downtown Reykjavik… Modern times call for a different version of the … Keep reading

A View of What’s Icelandic and Fantastic

Iceland has ADVENTURE written all over it. While in Reykjavik….   A culinary feat. has to say, “Grillmarkadurinn (Grillmarket) is a top quality grill restaurant located in central Reykjavik and was founded by Icelandic culinary team member Hrefna Rósa Sætran. Grillmarkadurinn aims to please, focusing on haute cuisine, creative culinary and Icelandic ingredients. They … Keep reading

Iceland Visualized

Visualizing works! Now landing in Iceland.  It’s like landing on the moon. Whisked away in our ride… Shots from inside the vehicle, behind the window… Moss-grown lava fields… And the Blue Lagoon beckons…  Iceland is a pioneer in the use of geothermal energy for space heating, providing the heating and hot water requirements of approximately 87% of … Keep reading

Watch Out for the Grid: Part 1 of 3

Congratulations to the entire GRID team for making their dreams a reality! FINALLY a Philippine magazine for local travelers in this amazing country. There is just so much room to explore… 7,107 islands and their objective is to take you there, focusing on “the experience and not just the destination”. I had the honor to … Keep reading

The Eye Has to Travel: Copenhagen, Denmark

Art is everywhere in Copenhagen. There was performance art on the street…. To music… Poster art. It seems these posters are anxious to tell their exciting stories… Even this nice organized street cart creates a pretty pattern with its treats and methodized bottle water holders. The exciting visuals that welcomed us at our hotel, Hotel … Keep reading

Siquijor From Sea to See

The latest issue of Business World’s High Life Magazine has been out. You can still grab a copy! Photographer:  Paco Guerrero Fashion Stylist:  Guada Reyes Hair and Makeup Artist:  Renen Bautista Model:  Luisa Beltran Dresses by Pinky Magalona Sculptural jewelry by Helena Alegre Location:  Siquijor Island, Philippines For  this cover and fashion editorial for High … Keep reading