Looking Back & Forth (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing on from my favorite digital media projects of last year as seen in , here is compilation of my favorite fashion editorials… There were recurring retro themes, all with a mash-up of different eras in an outfit. I thrive on the playful, so expect to find unexpected mixes like a Sixties Space-Age Marie Antoinette, the Roaring Twenties with a rocking … Keep reading

High Life Magazine’s Fashion x Art Watch

Behind-the-scenes of the latest fashion editorial for High Life Magazine featuring some of our country’s best artists and pairing their works with our talented Filipino fashion designers.   Our wonderful and gorgeous models, getting ready and internalizing their many roles and looks for this shoot…   Watch in horror of this crown made of nails by … Keep reading

Looks and Smells Like Teen Spirit

How fun was this shoot? The idea was to create KPop, JPop, Harajuku Girl-inspired outfits using existing school uniforms. The challenge here was that some of these uniforms were to be returned to their rightful owners so most of them I couldn’t alter or change their silhouettes. Prepping at my work studio and getting inspiration… So, … Keep reading

A Sneak Peek? More of a Deeper Look Behind the Scenes with High Life Magazine…

It’s been awhile since I worked with this group. Last February’s Sugar Rush seems like forever already. So as soon as my schedule permitted, I grabbed the opportunity to work with this family again. I’ve been wanting to do something “architectural” lately, something High Life Magazine would be open to as they’ve always been very receptive to my ideas. Thank … Keep reading

Eye Love Candy!

When the editorial team of High Life Magazine got in touch with me with regards to a candy-colored shoot and using actual candies as props and as a backdrop, how could I refuse? They mentioned they got sponsorship from a candy company. Hence, see for yourself the mouth-watering sour worms, sour sticks, flower marshmallows, lollipops, … Keep reading

Snow White & the Apple of My Eye

Lately, I’ve been into “Once Upon a Time”, a tv series showing on Star World. To sum it up really quick, it’s about a woman who is drawn to a town called Story Brook.  She meets people who were these actual fairy tale characters in another world. You see how their behavior today reflects the … Keep reading

Kevyn Lettau: More Than Meets the Eye

One of my dearest friends, Kevyn Lettau, is in town for the Philippine Jazz Festival 2012.  As a fashion stylist, I put together fun outfits for all her shows. An amazing, world-renowned musician, she is best known in the Philippines for the hit song “Sunlight”. Some refer her music as “latin jazz”(?), although I can’t … Keep reading