People have been asking Guada Reyes what to wear for years.

After making the blind move back to Manila after living for more than a decade in Los Angeles, Guada’s first project in exhibition design began a career that now spans the worlds of media, advertising, art, publication, film, trend forecasting, digital media and e-commerce.

With a view of creating professional and satisfying creative partnerships, Guada established One Good Eye Concepts in 2005. In the years that followed, One Good Eye has evolved into a nexus around which would pivot collaborations with directors, photographers, editors, art directors, videographers, curators, merchandisers, buyers, and fashion, accessory and graphic designers.

Always on the lookout for trends and new talent, Guada brings a signature edgy, wearable style to her work as a fashion consultant for a leading department store, influencing the landscape from which she also derives much of her inspiration. Collaborations with a mixed media artist has also led her to creating specialized print projects for fashion labels, designers and events by encouraging print on fabric as a more sustainable form of packaging and merchandising. Her most recent work includes costume design for short films and major film productions.