All Hallows’ Evening On The Road

DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU, but Halloween is creeping in…

Set up an even scarier Halloween weekend by watching a horror flick or two. Check out these sites for the latest compilations…
10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix
Top 10 Asian Horror Movies

Both lists include The Road by Yam Laranas.


A few disturbing images that were produced for this film…

Photos by Gari Buenavista.

I had a wonderful experience working on The Road as their costume designer…

Lara's Transformations
More of my costume design notes can be seen in the Blu-Ray’s “Special Features” section.

Being on set was a total nightmare (pun intended)…

STARE IF YOU DARE. Behind-the-scenes (on the ride to the set) even Barbie Forteza wouldn’t dare look at her frightening fellow actor.

Most people don’t know that sweet-faced heartthrob Alden Richards (of Aldub fame) played a dark lad in this creepy, critically-acclaimed film…

Images (above) by Gari Buenavista.

Watch the trailer  (film scoring by Swedish composer Johan Soderqvist)…

Jeannette Catsoulis of the New York Times praised The Road for its atmosphere.

“A powerfully atmospheric blend of ghostly encounters, horrific situations and missing-persons mysteries,” writes Catsoulis.

V.A. Musetto of the New York Post said The Road delivered wonders even with a small budget.

He comments, “The Road takes several horror genres and melds them into a creepy, stylishly photographed story that will keep horror buffs revved from start to finish.”

Mark Halcomb of the Village Voice praises The Road’s uniqueness.

“Call it a haircut of Psycho with ectoplasmic additives, The Road still has a whispering menace and visual grandeur all its own,” says Halcomb.

More behind-the-scenes…

“Rest is for the dead.” -Thomas Carlyle

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