Looking Back & Forth (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing on from my favorite digital media projects of last year as seen in , here is compilation of my favorite fashion editorials… There were recurring retro themes, all with a mash-up of different eras in an outfit. I thrive on the playful, so expect to find unexpected mixes like a Sixties Space-Age Marie Antoinette, the Roaring Twenties with a rocking … Keep reading

Knowing Talent When I See It (Manila FAME 2013)

All about bringing our proudly Philippine-made products to the world, Manila FAME puts together a bi-annual showcase for international buyers. With talented artist and graphic designer, Paolo Icasas of Happy Days fame, we weaved around the areas of the convention center re-discovering the best of what our country has to offer…. The first floor of the … Keep reading