Looking Back & Forth (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing on from my favorite digital media projects of last year as seen in , here is compilation of my favorite fashion editorials… There were recurring retro themes, all with a mash-up of different eras in an outfit. I thrive on the playful, so expect to find unexpected mixes like a Sixties Space-Age Marie Antoinette, the Roaring Twenties with a rocking … Keep reading

Fanta-SEE Fashion with Sense & Style Magazine

Taking Filipino fashion up  a notch (or two or three) with this shoot I put together for the September issue of Sense & Style Magazine. Prepping the edgy and intricate outfits… And finishing touches on our gorgeous supermodel, Girlie Benitez… Some of the action taking place behind the scenes. One of my favorite looks…. I love how the body piece (made of … Keep reading

A Sneak Peek? More of a Deeper Look Behind the Scenes with High Life Magazine…

It’s been awhile since I worked with this group. Last February’s Sugar Rush seems like forever already. So as soon as my schedule permitted, I grabbed the opportunity to work with this family again. I’ve been wanting to do something “architectural” lately, something High Life Magazine would be open to as they’ve always been very receptive to my ideas. Thank … Keep reading

Seeing Green: Organic & Fantastic!

A late post, but still fresh nevertheless…. Some of my behind-the-scene shots of October 2012’s issue of High Life Magazine with model and good friend, Alexia and the incredible and extraordinary Lilen Uy as our master photographer… The fashion for the shoot had an organic, yet modern feel, hence the name “Organic Futuristic”. The editorial team suggested … Keep reading

Wedding Watch: A Bold & Beautiful Bride

In my last entry, I mentioned that incorporating chains to the bridal ensemble is an edgy move and a look I’ve been loving for quite some time now.  Although non-conforming, chains don’t necessarily mean severe and cutting-edge.  You can still rock the feminine.  For most of the chain pieces, accessories designer, Tessa de Guzman, and … Keep reading

Wedding Watch: Bridal Without a Cause

This ultra-modern chapel overlooks the Hamilo Coast and the Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, a perfect setting for a modern and destination wedding. This chapel is beautifully encased in glass.  Look at how the glass paneling somewhat transforms my behind-the-seen shot below with a winter wonderland feel, the reflection like snow on top … Keep reading

Yellow… Is it Me You’re Looking For?

Yellow seems to find me. Following a rainy Thursday, the sun flooded my living room with yellow…. And as I was getting my nails done at my favorite nail salon, Belle & Cat, the color yellow was just screaming for my attention…. It kept saying “Hellooooo!”… Or rather, it kept saying “Yellowwwww!”. Even dear friend, Fides, … Keep reading

Honey, I’ve Got My Eye on You

Summer is here! Can’t wait to hit the beach….again! But before the R & R is W & W… Work & Work!  😉  Beach shoots are always one of the most difficult. Besides the heat and the blazing sun, the temptation of wanting to space out and allow your mind to drift off along with … Keep reading

Snow White & the Apple of My Eye

Lately, I’ve been into “Once Upon a Time”, a tv series showing on Star World. To sum it up really quick, it’s about a woman who is drawn to a town called Story Brook.  She meets people who were these actual fairy tale characters in another world. You see how their behavior today reflects the … Keep reading